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Today I learned that at least one of my schools has Image Blender 2.  I found out about it accidentally.  A principal from a parochial school had sent me a map, and when I opened it Image Blender 2 came up.  I ended up showing other staff about it.  Even the media specialist did not know anything about it.  It was a major discovery.  (No one has time to really figure out all of the stuff available to use.)  It looks like a fantastic program for creatively manipulating photos in all kinds of ways–instantly make them 3-D, charcoal, stained glass, etc. Unfortunately,  I probably won’t be able to use it with my photos for my blog.  We”ll see.  It would involve saving photos on my flash drive, bringing them to school, opening the photos files with Image Blender 2, redesigning my self-portrait, and then saving it again so I can bring them home to work on a home computer where I can accesss my blog.  Since finding Image Blender 2 accidentally, I decided to look on my school laptop programs. I found Microsoft Expression.  All of these beautiful illustrations of fruit appeared when I clicked on it. I tried experimenting with it and was able to get all kinds of things going on with graphics.  I have no idea how to use this program, but I want to keep it in my mind for the blog and/or lesson plans.  Will have to take a tutorial.  Revisited   Found googlesketchup7 on the laptop.   There’s so much out there! wasn’t the easiest thing to work with for my self-portrait. Looks like I will be changing that, once I figure out which program I can get a hold of.


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AACPS Teacher (Certified in ESOL, Special Education, English, and Theater)
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  1. edu668 says:

    You might be able to send images home and save you step when trying out the new Image Blender 2. I think something is invented every day, I don’t think we will figure them all out- think of the time!.

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