Full steam ahead…

I really am beginning to enjoy this.  This blog has now become my little oasis of planning tools for my lessons.  The big problem, though, is that I cannot access it at school when I’m planning.    This is a huge problem. I guess if I take the blogging course online and open up a blog on the approved site, I can copy and paste everything onto a new blog, but it will be a lot of work just to establish all of the links again.  I wish AACPS would rethink approving access to www.wordpress.com.  At any rate, I have a tab for assorted lessons I wrote last summer and last semester (AI Lesson Plans), as well as other lessons I’m collecting.  Another tab (Instruction and Assessment) is for EDU-688 lesson plan assignments.  I’ve posted my curriculum map and first lesson for this class. Yee-ha!


About Kate Collins

AACPS Teacher (Certified in ESOL, Special Education, English, and Theater)
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One Response to Full steam ahead…

  1. edu668 says:

    I am enjoying reading your blog- even with the frustrations, your enthusiasm shines through. I love how you are not afraid to explore and challenge yourself with technology. It really is a sense of accomplishment when you are successful! SJ

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