Self-Portrait, Take 2

I made another self-portrait, using Photostory2.  I’m forcing myself to use things like and Photostory2 because I want to be able to create things digitally.  I did encounter some frustrations, however, and wonder if I should change my Artful Thinking questions to: 1) What do you think the creator of this video was thinking when she made it? 2) Do you think she had to work with it a lot before she figured it out?  3) Have you ever felt frustrated learning something new? 4)  Did you ever want to throw your laptop on the floor in desperation? 

I experimented putting names on the photos, and then I couldn’t get them off.  I tried all different kinds of transtions–ad nauseum.  I tried to save a song from iTunes on my computer to use for the musical accompaniment (I wanted Eva Cassidy’s Over the Rainbow), but I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get an iTunes song I purchased saved onto the computer.  (I have downloaded songs onto an iPod, but I only got my first iPod for Christmas, so I’m a real novice.)

I need my daughter who’s in college…or a niece or nephew…somebody.  I don’t want to get addicted to playing with this stuff because I have way too much work to do.   But it’s fun to be learning.


About Kate Collins

AACPS Teacher (Certified in ESOL, Special Education, English, and Theater)
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