Checking in…

Well, I’m beginning to get into the groove here.  Working on my curriculum vitae.  Plugging along.  I am amazed at what I am learning about my fellow cohorts.  It just goes to show: We should all be open-minded when it comes to getting to know one another in our teaching settings.  My late father always used to admonish my brothers and sister and I to remember that “everyone has a story, or a burden.”  (It was his way of saying to give folks some slack–there’s more to each person than we know.)  In our professional setting we often don’t get to know all of the incredible things people have accomplished or what they have been through.  I think if people took the time to know one another better–which is pretty difficult to do–they would find out that they have all sorts of things in common.  I have found that with online courses, I always learn a lot more from my fellow students.  It is a pleasure reading everyone’s thoughts on arts integration and what the arts have meant in their lives, which I would not have been able to do in a traditional class. I am only sorry that I am not seeing these folks on a more regular basis.  They are my kindred spirits.  (We should start our own school!)


About Kate Collins

AACPS Teacher (Certified in ESOL, Special Education, English, and Theater)
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