Nov. 16th Class

      I enjoyed all of the presentations this evening.  Many activities that my classmates described were inspirational.  One of the ideas I hope to follow through on was from Wanda and included going to the National Gallery of Art and collecting some of their published tour guides.  I understand they are really excellent for use in the classroom and can be used with online paintings.  A provocative question Wanda asked was, “Would you want a picture of your worst memory?”  She also said that her kids said they like imaginary topics to write about because they’re less inhibited than when they have to write personal narrative stuff.  She told the kids a personal story about herself, however, and that seemed to make the kids feel safe enough to tell their own stories.  It showed me that it’s important to build that trust, first, when encouraging kids to write about personal events.

      April offered a wonderful lesson on form, using Pueblo Indian pottery.  I wasn’t quite sure how she connected it to music in terms of the activities, so I need to go back and see if that’s in the handout she gave us.  She spurred me into checking out Discovery Streaming again.  It’s come a long way since I first started using it in 2006.

      The clip of An American in Paris used by Allison made me chuckle. I had just watched that particular clip  a week before when the movie was shown on cable. It had occurred to me then that the scene with Gene Kelly and the children was really a lovely example of an integrated ESOL lesson! I hope to use it in a presentation I plan on giving to ESOL teachers. 



About Kate Collins

AACPS Teacher (Certified in ESOL, Special Education, English, and Theater)
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One Response to Nov. 16th Class

  1. Nancy Fishel says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful evaluations of the activities presented in this class, both positive and negative. I see you thinking about how activities could be adapted for your students and how you personally want to grow as a creative individual. Your feedback helps me know what worked for you as a student, and as fodder for your work as a teacher.

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