Lesson 1

Lesson 1: The Circus.  The lessson provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of the elements of arts when analyzing The Circus by Max Pechstein and their knowledge of grammar when composing sentences about the circus using past tense verbs.  (LA/Visual Arts)  Assessment   


5 Responses to Lesson 1

  1. ibartiste says:

    This is a really engaging picture to use with young students who are learning about past tense verbs. The colors are vibrant and the action is jumping off the page. I can hear the students discussing which person they would be in the painting!

  2. edu668 says:

    What a nice lesson for students to use for past tense verbs. It could easily be adapted for other age group students as well. I hope you will post some of the students’ work/writing another time. How do you think this lesson ties into critical thinking? Shelley

  3. jurczakarts says:

    The artwork you chose is so dynamic, so colorful, so full of action! I can see using “The Circus” for Art Thinking activities as well as writing activities.. I am going to have the students outline the elements of plot for a short story as a prewriting activity… Can’t wait to see the various stories they come up with!

  4. I love the way you introduced the elements of art to your students with such a striking picture. The questions you pose really make your students look at the picture with “artist’s eyes” which help them look beyond color and shape.

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