On this page you will find various reflections on lessons given using arts seeds. 

There’s No Business Like School Business!

Tis the gift to be simple/The website of the NGA

Connect, Extend Challenge: Reflection on AI Article

Mystery Bag Lesson

Cinco Parts of Speech

Pantomime and Storyboard

Day of the Arts


3 Responses to Reflections

  1. edu668 says:

    I decided to explore one of your reflections and selected Day of the Arts. It must have a wonderful day a the museum. I was intrigued by your game with technology. There are few people who embrace the challenge of techno stuff the way you seem to take it on.
    A grab the bull by the horns attitude! What a great experience it would be create a painting without the mess! Of course, I personally think the mess is half the fun!

    • Kate Collins says:

      Yes, I know what you mean about the fun! The challenge was to create an exhibit, however, that many people would be viewing or experiencing each day–not a special workshop. My exhibit was meant to help people actually go inside the world of one or more artists. Although I’m actually not so techno savvy, and only bought myself an iPod for myself this past Christmas, I am trying to go that route, because it is a county, 21st Century Skills, and cultural initiative.

  2. kguzowski says:

    The mystery bag lesson sounds really fun!!! I bet your kids loved it! It got my wheels turning to think about how I could incorporate a mystery bad into lessons with 7th graders. Anything with some mystery sounds fun to me! 🙂 Nice work! I love your creativity and openness to trying new things with your ESOL kids! I bet they love your creativity too. It has got to get boring and be hard for them to be learning a new language.

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